i usually don’t let things like operating systems fight… especially not on this blog… i normally use iphoto and photoshop to edit my pictures etc. but my parents bought a brand new kick ass windows 8.1 pc and it was shipped with a cyber link suite… so i tried out the program “photo director” out of this suite because the sd-card slot of my macbook is rioting at the moment… gonna have this fixed soon… i hope… and since this new pc of my parents got a slutty “put every card you have into me” slot i used it… and here’s the… creative result:


























and don’t get me wrong. mostly, i am not editing my photos but this time i’ve been using a telephoto lens without exposure-protection so those photos were partially really exposed… it actually did a good job (those really colorful ones… well… i wanted to play around a bit.)


I’m a 22 year old trainee. Moved to Stuttgart. I'm into analog and digital photography and I write about stuff sometimes.

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